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Corbin Shaw

Corbin Shaw (b.1998) is a British artist based in Bethnal Green, East London.

Originally from Sheffield, Corbin explores ideas of masculinity through the medium of textiles, known for his unique take on the St George's cross, where he hijacks the stereotypes associated with the flag with text, sometimes messages of support and love, sometimes satirical takes on the 'Englishman'  when finished, they form a witty take on the ever-recognisable symbol.

Using his upbringing in a South Yorkshire ex-mining town Corbin investigate's masculinity and how that was defined to him growing up. Breaking stigma's and stereotypes through his re-imagination of masculine 'icons' and objects. The artist pays homage to the people and places that have shaped his northern identity – the pub, football pitches and boxing gyms. 

Corbin Shaw presented his second solo show at the beginning of 2022, Nowt as Queer as Folk, Guts Gallery, London, where he explored Folk Law and tradition in comparison to his South Yorkshire Village. He has just closed 'Martin Parr & Corbin Shaw', OOF Gallery, London, where his work was shown in collaboration with legendary British artist Martin Parr (b.1952) to pay a homage to the Football Fan and is currently exhibiting in 'Designing the Beautiful Game', The Design Museum London as part of the ongoing exhibition celebrating the design of football and the art of the game. 

Shaw has recently become independent, choosing to represent himself in a new endeavour to challenge what it means to be an artist in this generation, bending the norms and stereotypes to alter the landscape of the modern art world. 

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