Jealous Published

Sadie Hennessy 'Beyonce for President 2024'
Magda Archer 'MEMES'
David Shrigley 'Shut Up And Eat Your Fries'
David Shrigley 'I Think About Football All Of The Time'
Danny Augustine 'Conscious Exercise 1'
Ben Kelly
Charming Baker 'Monoprint' Series
Magda Archer 'My Life Is Crap (Pink)'
Sophie Smallhorn 'Colour Wheel 8'
David Shrigley 'The Dam Will Not Build Itself'
Corbin Shaw 'The People Fled When The Sun Went Down'
David Shrigley 'The Plant Loves Me'
Ben Eine 'A'
My Dog Sighs 'Reclaiming The Lost'
Charming Baker 'Mammoth Lies'
Jake Chapman 'Flame Flower'
Dave Buonaguidi 'PEPSI'
Stanley Donwood 'Trespass'
Lucy Sparrow 'Teatime Cannibalism' and 'Assault & Battery'
Sara Pope 'ROX'
Charming Baker 'Look Into My Eyes, Not Around My Eyes, Look Into My Eyes'
David Shrigley 'Extract The Juice From Everything'
Corbin Shaw 'English Tapas'
Bench Allen 'Avian VIII (Jay)'
Alma Singer 'MASTERPIECE' and 'GENIUS'
Mark Denton Esq. 'THE SHIT SHOW' Editions
Stanley Donwood 'Sacred Cartography' Editions
David Shrigley 'Ignore The Ghosts'
David Shrigley 'No One Is Happier Than Me'
Rob Ryan 'One Star Fits All' (JNY 2022)
Stanley Donwood x Thom Yorke 'Target Land Nothing'
Kate Gibb 'Electric Palm'
David Shrigley 'Live Each Day As If It Were Your First'
Rachel Howard 'Scissors'
Chris Levine 'EQUANIMITY 2022'
Chris Levine 'EQUANIMITY 70'
Anthony Burrill 'YOU&ME&ME&YOU'
Nick Grindrod 'Delayed Response'
David Shrigley 'Old Cat'
Charming Baker 'Three Bears'
Sophie Smallhorn 'Label 1' and 'Label 2'
David Shrigley 'Black Cats'
David Shrigley 'Tiger Shit'
Jess Wilson 'Floral Study'
Liam Mertens 'Watching The Past Pass'
Ben Eine 'Stand Up', 'Rise Up' and 'Speak Up'

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Jealous Published

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