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Founded in 2001, multidisciplinary art collective Broken Fingaz (Unga, Tant and Deso) is regarded as one of the first of its kind to emerge from Haifa, Israel.

With their independent approach and shared appreciation of illustration, in over a decade working together they have become renowned for a unique group style, painted as if by one hand, and inspired by sex, death, everyday ephemera, comic books, vintage porn, ‘80s skateboards graphics and neo-psychedelia.

Starting out by painting graffiti on the street and designing posters and graphics for local music venues, the BFC’s work now encompasses painting, zines, animation and installation.

Elucidating the importance of their contributions to the shape of the contemporary culture in Israel, the BFC’s work was presented at exhibitions at Israel’s most important institutes: the Tel Aviv Museum (2011) and the Haifa Museum of Art (2010). Since then they have been invited to exhibit around the world. Solo exhibitions include: The Old Truman Brewery, London, (Crazy Eye Hotel,2012) Inoperable, Vienna (BFC in Vienna, 2012), Andenken Gallery, Amsterdam (BFC in Amsterdam, 2013, You Will Die Today, 2015) Urban Spree, Berlin (Bottleneck, 2013), MEN Gallery, London, (Sex Picnic, 2014) and Howard Griffin Gallery, Los Angeles (Journey Galaticko, 2015). The crew have produced two stop motion films, the most recent a commission for Cut Out Festival, Queretaro, Mexico, La Fabrica (2013). Their public murals can be seen on the streets of cities in China, Japan, Cambodia, Brazil, Israel, UK, Germany, Holland, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Mexico and more.

Accolades from newspapers about the BFC’s work include “the vitality and spirit of street art” (The Evening Standard, UK) “not everyone has their talent“ (The Independent, UK) "BFC have spent their career appalling people" (Vice). In November 2013, they were featured on the BBC World's The Cultural Frontline.

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