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Rowan Newton

Rowan Newton is a British painter, whose focus explores the complexity of human emotion through body language and expressive paint application. With single character compositions, Rowans figures are as complex emotionally, as they are physically contrasting. Bold and vivid, colours combine through scrapes and sweeps as he drags his mixed mediums of oil and spray paint over the canvas. The uplifting dynamism owned by the paint collides with the unassuming composition of his forms; a darker edge emerges...

“I want the viewer to look at something that they have seen a thousand times before, but experience it completely differently”


Growing up in Brixton, Rowan developed an early fascination with an urban landscape constructed of graffiti and billboard advertisements. These gritty layers and textures continue to influence his work in the studio as he tirelessly works to blend them in new and conflicting ways.

Rowan’s work has been in various exhibitions and art fairs in the UK and further afield including the The Original Print Fair at The Royal Academy, Stroke Art Fair, Affordable Art Fairs internationally and the London Art Fair, as well as having his work auctioned at the House of Commons in 2014. His work has also shown internationally, from New York to Amsterdam to Shanghai. He has been featured on respected websites such as Empty Kingdom, Maestro Knows, and Zeutch; and his work has graced the cover of Diplomat Magazine and the pages of the Great Big Book of Fashion Illustration. 


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