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Rose Hartley

With a BA Hons in illustration Rose Hartley's work embraces a mixture of aesthetics from comic books, childhood paraphernalia and kitsch advertisements.

Her Jealous Needs You print was inspired by a recent road trip across America where Hartley documented her journey through the medium of photography, which later influenced her illustrations. Hartley has a deep-rooted fascination with American culture, American pop culture and Americana.

Whilst on her road trip Hartley was struck by how marginalised and lost the old advertisements of America were becoming. Replaced by replicas, knowingly kitsch and fake Americana was everywhere but the roots of it are dying and obviously irreplaceable. So this piece is in homage to a true piece of social and aesthetic history that is iconic and synonymous with what it is that makes America great; consumerism, excess and advertising of the American dream.

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