Matthew David Smith

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Matthew David Smith

Matthew David Smith’s work focuses around the city and the man made, encompassing areas from design and architecture to the Internet. He’s interested in how the visual stimuli of these subjects can collide to create new simple form. His work feels an affinity with the colour field painters of the 50s, but twisting it to hold the essence of our visual urban world.

Along with ideas of popular culture he is also interested in how the mass-produced can be transformed into a unique object. These often computer generated forms insist on the removal of the gesture. By reanimating them into formal painting reintroduces expression. The handmade removes perfection.

‘My print is made from a painting I did that was part of my "Interference series". The point of this series was to pay special attention to the layering of the work. Creating a controlled almost formalist piece that is then disrupted, destroyed and then worked on top of again.’

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