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Liat Anan

Born in Los Angeles, raised in Colombia, studied in Barcelona, worked in New York and now living in London; Liat Anan is a freelance graphic designer whose work draws on her eclectic background and its rich diversity of artistic and cultural influences.

Liat started her graphic design career in Tel Aviv before going freelance in 2009 while working in New York. Since then, her eponymous design label, , has worked on projects for Gisele Bündchen, NHL star Tyler Seguin and the Art of Elysium’s Heaven Gala– to name but a few.

Last year, Liat launched her personal ‘I Hate Mondays’ design studio to give her free rein to focus on her more creative interests and pursue less commercial projects.

Drawing on her personal artistic interests and influences, Liat has designed a series of prints of seemingly geometrically arranged blocks of colour; playing with themes of texture and abstraction to create a clean impression on the viewer.

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