Katerina Georgopoulou

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Katerina Georgopoulou

I was born in Greece and over the last five years I have lived and worked in London. I studied Fine Arts at the Athens School of Fine Arts and Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries at Central Saint Martins College in London. 

I consider my practice to be in a constant state of flux, incorporating new media, technology and design. I am interested in exploring the effects of place, light, sound and the projected image through the juxtaposition of several layers. Taking inspiration from urban landscapes and industrial scenes, I aim to suggest a synthesis between contemporary life and technological principles. I feel compelled to research my interests and develop my ideas further in order to reveal questions regarding our fundamental human nature.

The image I produced for JNY 50x70 is titled ‘Coalescence’. It represents an exploration of a particular area combining several layers of photographic elements and freehand sketches. My aim was to suggest a utopic atmosphere, breaking the structure of urban spaces and recreating a new environment that is vivid and busy, but breaks outside of the rigid confines of urban spaces.

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