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Jia Chuan

Jia Chuan is a Chinese illustrator and artist currently working in London. He was born in Huainan, Anhui, a foggy city with a long history. He received his BA in Graphic Design from China Academy of Art in 2010, and his MA in the same major from Chelsea College of Art and Design, UAL in 2012. After graduating from university, he flung himself into the art industry. His work has been used by commercial brands such as Genting Cruise, Uber, and has been recognised by many Chinese Art Institutions.

The inspiration of his Jealous Needs You print comes from his observation of common summer items. Even the most general object can be a key to the door of memory hidden behind it; and the memories may release a spiritual mirage under deep emotional pressure, like releasing the empty and distorted space when flattening a can.


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