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Iain Perry

Iain Perry is an artist and designer running Print Garage, a fine art based screenprinting practice as well as being a co-director of Unit Twelve Gallery, a contemporary craft gallery based in the Midlands.

“I create vibrant screenprints investigating the minutiae of my surroundings. I draw inspiration from old technology, tools and toys, cinema, record sleeves, rave culture and the world of science. My work acknowledges and explores a life led steeped in narrative and pop culture. Originally trained in painting I have since discovered that screenprinting is a million, billion, trillion (all the 'illions') times more fun - I have found there can be a real joy in repetition.”

The piece is titled 'hypnagogic_pyschedelic_technotronic' it's inspired in part by a fairly throwaway comment I heard from an interview with DJ Andrew Weatherall who described music culture as a 'quest for transcendence through repetitive beats' and it's a thought that's stuck with me since.

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