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Grow Up

“Grow Up” is a father and son collaborative, launched during ‘Lockdown 2020’. Jack Blamire and his Dad, Mark Blamire, base their work on graphic art, typography, stencils and mixed media.

Jack, who goes by Jack Blam, a skateboarder and budding graffiti artist and painter, and his Dad, Blam, a snowboarder and graphic designer, were inspired by the intense pressure on teenagers (and immature adults) to grow up and acknowledge the impact everyday life can have on mental well-being.

Blam’s design work is on permanent display in the 20th Century collection at the V&A museum London. He has produced and exhibited works for London Design Museum for the 50 years of Helvetica exhibition, a show he curated and worked with 50 artists.


Jack Blam began his professional career as an artist aged 14 when he contributed paintings for Art Car boot fair (December 2019), where his work was shown alongside many of his heroes, influences and contemporary artists.


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