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Delilah Holiday

Delilah Holliday is frontwoman/songwriter of Skinny Girl Diet, London born and bred. Her artistic endeavors include Music , Video and Visual Arts and at the tender age of 20 is already making her mark.

Delilah’s main goal as an artist is to just communicate how she sees the world, “if I see someone I find interesting, when I get home I’ll draw them and stuff like that, it’s just documenting life”. Her work is mainly influenced by the society that she lives in and what she experiences.

Delilah Holiday provides a charmingly surreal look into society and youth culture through her expressionist view point and at her young age already has a clear identity and a clear message as well as having a definite idea of who she would like to become. As the years go on and she continues to develop her art Delilah could easily become a key figure in the art world.

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