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Danad Design came together in 1958, the brainchild of a loose collective of artists who lived, hung out and worked in the dilapidated splendour of Marden Hill – the Georgian country house in Hertfordshire that they’d made a communal home and creative hothouse. This collective included the likes of Tom Adams, Peter Blake RA, Bernard Cohen, Robyn Deny, Barry Daniels and Edward Wright. 

Widely acknowledged as some of the originators of the Pop Art movement, these painters and sculptors fused their talents with those of architects Peter Adams and Colin Huntley to encapsulate the essence of their art in their own hand-made, inspirational furniture.

No longer was fine art confined to the walls. The frame for the images was now three-dimensional; now it could be all around your room. You could sit on it, eat dinner off it, even stand on it… So, literally, these everyday objects became a new platform from which to exhibit their art – and that’s now considered by many art historians to be a defining feature of Pop Art.

The furniture was hand-crafted – and never mass-produced. It was available only through Liberty, Heals and Harrods and in Danad Design’s mayfly lifetime of less than four fast-burning years it helped to launch the careers of some of Britain’s most respected artists.

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