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Anna Efstathiou

Anna Efstathiou is a Cypriot artist based in London. She graduated from Goldsmiths University of London in 2014 with a MA in Photography and Manchester School of Arts in 2013 with a BA in Fine Arts.

Anna is visual artist who specialises in photography and painting, both in isolation and in combination. Creativity is her energy source and she strives to stimulate the viewer to think deeply before forming a perception of her work.

Her Jealous Needs You print is inspired by the 18th Century where women were culturally forced to wear corsets. The edition focuses on the consequences and how it affected women in the long term. Intriguingly, through research she discovered that the tight corset led to severe depressions as well as death, the colourful movement seen throughout the print exposes the woman's identity and the desire to escape with the hope of finding comfort and peace.

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