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Andrew McAttee

McAttee's work is in many ways is a reflection of his background as a graffiti artist and fine art painter. During his time at Art School, McAttee became increasingly interested in Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. During this period he was learning about Art history, working on canvas, as well as painting on the streets. This experience has shaped his work to the present day. The work is a hybrid style born of these combining factors.His goal is to introduce the viewer to a ‘colourful riot of gravity-less forms… with a sense of ambiguity, humour and celebration’ through use of vibrant explosion of graffiti with innovative stencil work. Which is an excitement to the eyes, like a worm hole into another world.

Andrew has commissioned for Benson and Hedges,Nike and fashion designer Antonio Berardi.Andrew cites Andy Warhol, Roy Litchenstein, abstract expressionism and graffiti as their inspiration.

Andrew gives back to the community by doing workshops for teenagers that have behavioural problems.

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