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Adam Hayes

Adam Hayes is an artist, illustrator and designer, currently working from his quiet studio in England’s Peak District. In 2006 he graduated from The Royal College of Art and has since worked on various projects for himself, his friends and for a growing list of clients worldwide.

Best known for his hand rendered typography, Adam also creates intricate and imaginative maps alongside beautifully detailed line drawings. His works are all handmade, starting with pencil concepts to produce an appropriate design, which is later developed into a more refined illustration. His preferred work is for organisations involved with environmental or social change; in 2009, Hayes traveled to Sierra Leone where he partnered with residents on a new billboard to prevent the spread of AIDS and HIV. The design was supported by President Koroma and Christian Aid, and the promos were mounted across the country.

Clients include: Toyota, Sony, Apple, IBM, Nokia, Converse, British Airways, Unilever, The Guardian, Ernst & Young, Experian and Shakespeare Globe Theatre.

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