Are you a fan of the Connor Brothers? If you're looking for the work they are famous for - pin-up-style women and pithy phrases, then look elsewhere because this is the Connor Brothers like you've never seen before! Here, the audience had an insight into their deepest thoughts, with works created during art therapy sessions.

Please find the press release for the exhibition below!

Maddox Gallery are delighted to present ‘Mythomania’, the latest solo show by renowned artistic duo, The Connor Brothers.
Opening 24th June 2022 at Westbourne Grove, this exhibition features drawings and canvases from their latest collection, the Regression series. The body of work grew out of art therapy sessions the pair undertook during lockdown. Asked to create sixty second sketches of anything that came to mind, The Connor Brothers produced childlike drawings that felt uniquely spontaneous. The rawness and authenticity that emerged from this exercise intrigued the duo, inspiring them to develop these into a series of paintings. Rendered in a purposefully naïve style, the collection marks a brave departure from their previous controlled graphic approach. Yet, at the same time, the work continues the duo’s passion for pairing images with text.

"From fire-breathing dragons and lolloping zombies to rainbow-residing unicorns and seafearing beasts, the fantastical creatures depicted in ‘Mythomania’ spark the imagination, transporting you to the boundless creative freedom of a childhood mentality. Yet, beneath the playful façade of these impish sketches lie hidden anxieties, compulsions and desires. Apocalyptic visions and childhood apparitions are juxtaposed with text describing modern trends and obsessions; “The Future”, “Social Media”, “Cancel Culture”. The freedom of a youthful approach allows for a frank and authentic examination of a contemporary society gripped by technology. Stylistically revolutionary and philosophically radical, ‘Mythomania’ situates The Connor Brothers within a rich tradition of artists like Robert Nava and Jordy Kerwick, who all provide an antidote to our increasingly virtual world.

As humankind shifts ever-further towards a collective culture mediated by digital experience, this body of work grounds us in the essential notion that we must return to simpler times. Through an acknowledgment of the sanctity of the natural world and the following of ancient wisdom, The Connor Brothers teach us that finding the true meaning of life is child’s play."

As part of the exhibition, Maddox and the Connor Brothers teamed up with Teenage Cancer Trust to offer the chance to win one of the paintings from the show, Rebel 2022.


The artwork was showcased at Maddox Gallery Westbourne Grove and a raffle ran online for the duration of the show.