Art That Made Us: An epic story of creativity. How works of art from Britain's past have shaped us. Some are surprising, others familiar - but all are at the heart of dramatic moments of change.

Jealous artists Chris Levine and Sarah Maples featured in episode two of the BBC docuseries 'Art That Made Us', tracing an alternative history of the Black Death of the Middle Ages.

From the chaos of the Black Death comes creative renewal; survivors finding their voice through satire and a revived literature in English, including breakthrough works by women, and through new craft in cathedral building and stained glass.

The works explored include Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, William Langland’s angry satire The Vision Of Piers Plowman, and breakthrough works by women like the pilgrim Margery Kempe.

Previously Jealous exhibiting artist Sarah Maple shines a light on the subversive Lincoln Cathedral misericords carved in the wake of plague, whilst Jealous-royalty Chris Levine dissects the first portrait of a living English king.

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