£9284 raised so far! Jealous is proud to have partnered with Tottenham and Hornsey food banks to help obtain donations for the people that need it most. We are always a foodbank donation point - but have also run several 'Swap Shop' events. All profits from the sales of Bench Allen's 'Peace Offering' will also be donated to Tottenham Foodbank.

The First Jealous Swap Shop ran from 16th July 2022. As you can see below, we received a huge amount of donations and support! The donations were offered in exchange for a screenprint by Dave Buonaguidi, printed directly onto newsprint.



Since the first Swap Shop event, we have run several others, each listed below:

The second event ran from 25th September 2022. We asked customers to bring in items from a list of requirements from the foodbank, in exchange, they received an artwork of their choice from our exhibition.

On Saturday 13th January '24, we decided to run our Jealous Swap Shop with our printmaking pal Dave Buonaguidi to generate urgently needed donations for Tottenham Food Bank. Buonaguidi came up with this fun pink and gold design to start the new year with.

We asked prospective donators to bring along 3 items (or more), or a monetary donation of at least £10 to receive the never-before-seen artwork by Dave Buonaguidi -  J'ADORE 24 GALORE!!

We cheekily asked Dave to help with our sign

Previous Foodbank requirements:

Hornsey Food Bank Item Requirements 


Tottenham Food Bank Item Requirements


Additionally to our swapshops, Bench Allen has decided to donate all profits from his artwork 'Peace Offering' to Tottenham Foodbank. Please click here to find the artwork via the Jealous website!

Jealous North - Swap Shop for Hornsey Food Bank
Jealous East - Swap Shop for Tottenham Food Bank
Jealous East - Swap Shop for Tottenham Food Bank - Grow Up Cans