Schwarz Magazine Article about Jealous

After meeting at the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair in November, Vinzenz Neugebauer and Helmut Bauer from German Magazine 'Schwarz' were invited to visit Jealous gallery and studio on Curtain Road to take a look around.

The article below is what came out of the visit! The article is written entirely in German (understandable, due to the fact the publication is a German Magazine), so we have asked a friend of Jealous to translate the words for us. The article is paraphrased so if you would prefer to read the words yourself, please find the article in the images below.

Photography by Helmut Bauer and Vinzenz Neugebauer


After a very long journey from Germany, Vinzenz and Helmut arrived in London with preconceptions of how they would find the city. They had been told London was expensive, the people were rude and there was an uncomfortable feel to the city. Commenting that there is an 'anonymous' feel to the city, where people get on with their lives, the pair discovered that there is none of the impoliteness they were warned about.

Photography by Helmut Bauer and Vinzenz Neugebauer


When the pair arrived at the gallery on a blustery Saturday afternoon, they were confused. They were expecting a much more formal gallery space - reflective of Jealous' reputation in the print world. What they discovered were friendly and excitable staff - Juliet and Will - at the gallery front desk, immediately putting them at ease.

Photography by Helmut Bauer


After explaining a little about the history of Jealous and the roles the gallery and print staff play, Juliet began the tour of the building. The first stop: the lift. Described by 'Schwarz' magazine as 'old but secure', the lift took the group up to the third floor, where a few members of the studio team were working away on their individual projects (unusual for the weekend!). The studio team continued their work without interruption and barely even looked up from their work.

Ben and Juliet - Photography by Helmut Bauer


Everything within the studio appears chaotic but it is somehow orderly. Nothing looks as if it has its own place but still fits in wherever it has been put. Ben Challan, one of the screenprinters at Jealous was available to chat and explained about the process of screenprinting and how Jealous is a commercial print studio for both artists and institutions.

Photography by Vinzenz Neugebauer and Helmut Bauer


From the studio, the tour moved up a floor. Through the rooftop door, as if going through the door to Narnia, the journalists arrived on the roof of the Jealous building. The fresh air was a shock to the system after the controlled environment of the Jealous studio. The pair were shown the famous Jealous rooftop mural, which is a project which has been ongoing for 9 years, first started in 2014. Artists from all disciplines and backgrounds are invited to create a mural on the wall.

Photograph by Vinzenz Neugebauer


A final word in the article explains how at Jealous it is clear that the business has shaped Shoreditch. It is obvious that Jealous is not just its employees, but also the artists and community we work with.


A huge thank you to Chloe Miller who kindly summed up the article for us.