Check it out! A whole bunch of Jealous artists have appeared in hit Hulu and Disney+ series Culprits

A star-studded cast is just what we like to see complimenting our lovely prints! 


With actors such as Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Niamh ALgar, Gemma Arterton and Eddie Izzard, we couldn’t have been more excited to see artworks from Patrick Hughes, Dave Buonaguidi, Shuby, Russell Shaw Higgs, Shuby, Danny Augustine and Magda Archer. Check out the moments we managed to catch below!

Patrick Hughes - Mondrainbow

 Danny Augustine - Hockney Copy

 Dave Buonaguidi - Loves to Please & Russell Shaw Higgs - Yellow Pedestrians 12345 Holding Hands

You can find Culprits on Disney+ in the UK - Or Hulu if you have it! Give it a watch and let us know if you spot any more Jealous names!