We are proud to see some of our artists represented at this year's summer exhibition at the Royal Academy!

This year's Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy in Piccadilly has proven to be rich in Jealous talent! A huge list of artists we have worked with over the years have been represented at the academy this year, with names including Chris Levine, Sophie Smallhorn and Chantal Joffe.

This year's exhibition is based upon the theme 'Only Connect', inspired by the writer EM Forster's novel Howard's End. The Guardian's art critic Jonathan Jones wryly mentioned: "If the curators really can connect a painting of a Venetian palazzo by 94-year-old Joe Tilson with Michael Robey’s pornographic pastiche of a Greek vase and Carlos Zapata’s lifesized sculpture of a preserved corpse, Bog Man, hats off to them."

However, witticisms aside, we're so proud to see the below artists represented and can't wait to visit the exhibition to see the works for ourselves over the Summer.

Fish & Chips Sussex

 Dave Buonaguidi


Natasha Michaels - Heir Natasha Michaels - Stand In 

Maxine Gregson - Ley Lines

 Ceal Warnants - Cross Stitches

Anita Klein - The Apple Tree

 Chris Levine - Stoned 
Sophie Smallhorn - Obround 1


Sophie Smallhorn - Obround 1


Nick Grindrod - In The Fold

 Chantal Joffe - Katie (January)

The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition is at the Royal Academy, London, from 13 June to 20 August 2023.