Jealous artist James Joyce opens 'Heads Will Roll', a solo exhibition at StolenSpace Gallery in Shoreditch




*words from StolenSpace Gallery*

James Joyce is a UK based artist and graphic designer who’s distinctive work is exhibited and recognised globally. His bold and witty approach to image-making allows him to reimagine the everyday through a range of mediums, including paintings, typography, screen printed editions, and drawings. 


The ‘HEADS WILL ROLL’ exhibition is a celebration of James Joyce’s classic motif of his fallen ‘clown face’. Each circular ‘head’ has been metaphorically rolled, remixed, and thrown about, allowing the elements inside to fall where they may, and be re-presented into his signature bold composition. When pieced back together, the image creates a familiar image of a clown face - whether smiling, or frowning, is up for the viewers own interpretation and perspective to decide. 


James Joyce’s signature tumbling face became the un-official logo of sorts for Banksy’s ‘Dismaland’, in 2015, further launching the image to be synonymous with James Joyce’s artistic journey and style. ‘HEADS WILL ROLL’ is a colourful tribute to this iconic “rolling” clown face.  


The exhibition at StolenSpace Gallery, 17 Osborn Street, London, E1 6TD will run from 4th - 28th May 2023