Bench Allen's artwork 'Solas Oiche' featured in RSPCA Respect advert this April '24

The advert aired in early April, putting forward the important message of respect to all animals out there. The campaign aims to inspire kindness to all animals to create a better world for everyone, not just us humans.

As an ardent supporter of the environment, Bench Allen jumped at the opportunity to feature his artwork in the advert, putting forward several different options to the design team. They eventually settled on the serene jellyfish Bench Allen created for his artwork 'Solas Oiche'.

Visit the RSPCA website yourself  to view the campaign and donate to the cause!

'Solas Oiche' by Bench Allen 

'Solas Oiche' is completely sold out but Bench Allen has multiple artworks available via the Jealous website, which you can find by  clicking here.