You Have The Answer
Viewing room

You Have The Answer

Anthony Burrill

Jealous North

11 Jan 2023 — 05 Feb 2023

Within this new body of works, Burrill uses the habitually-used ampersand to act as an emblem for human connection.

Jealous North is thrilled to present 'You Have The Answer', Internationally acclaimed Anthony Burrill's solo exhibition. Large monochromatic screen-prints will line the walls, alongside a special limited edition poster and collectable postcards. The key part of the work is the ampersand. It represents the glue that holds our relationships together. The ‘AND’ in YOU & ME. It’s this connection that makes every human interaction important. - Anthony Burrill, 2022
‘YOU HAVE THE ANSWER’ is an exhibition of new works centred around the ampersand, a conjunction which Burrill has incorporated in the prints to signify the connection between individuals.  The Latin originated ligature is a longstanding feature of Burrill’s extensive work and has been included in the monochromatic screenprints, which were printed at the the Jealous Print Studio in Shoreditch
DOUBLE AMPERSAND (Condensed) White on Black and Black on White
You & Me & Me & You We have all the 'You & Me & ME & YOU' prints available at the exhibition. These are the latest body of works by Burrill and were printed at our gallery in Shoreditch and framed by us too in non-reflective glass.