Dave Buonaguidi's Family Portrait Studio aka WOT THREE WORDZ
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Dave Buonaguidi's Family Portrait Studio aka WOT THREE WORDZ

Dave Buonaguidi

Jealous North

30 Sep 2021 — 31 Oct 2021

Jealous North welcomes back Dave Buonaguidi this September for an exhibition of word mayhem.

In this new project, Dave Buonaguidi AKA Real Hackney Dave – explores the very essence of who we are, combining passport photography, a magic vintage fruit machine and old school screen printing. Throughout the duration of 'Dave Buonaguidi's Family Portrait Studio', viewers will be invited to play a part in the madness by creating their own family portrait. 
According to Buonaguidi, everyone is made up of three things: their passions, their vices and their favourite food or drink. This theory has been conceptualised for the exhibition with a specially created fruit-machine that will randomly generate combinations of three words. The Crouch End debut features a family-friendly fruit machine and the chance for kids and parents alike to create a bespoke one-of-a-kind family portrait commission. A perfect gift for all! Friends – lovers – kids – pets – everyone’s welcome!
We take your picture at our photo-booth/you bring one into us ---> generate your ‘three words’ by pulling the leaver on the fruit machine---> chose your portrait size ---> Dave Buonaguidi will then screen-print the chosen words onto your portrait --> finally Jealous will frame your portrait to cherish forever!

With one pull of the leaver, the slot machine will look into your soul and present a combination of three words. The words will then be screenprinted by Buonaguidi onto your passport photo to cherish forever… so put in a penny in the machine to see what three words you are made up of. Will it be FROGS, BURPS AND CRISPS - DISCO, SPITTING, BUTTER or perhaps GAMING, BOGIES AND FANTA!

Examples of the bespoke artworks will be displayed in the Gallery, the works are a selection of vintage photographs collected over the years overlaid with the bright-pink typography in Buonaguidi’s typical style. The works serve as an insight into the artist’s process – showing how Buonaguidi conceives his humorous artworks with his love of collecting vintage mementos.  ‘Dave Buonaguidi's Family Portrait Studio’ runs from 29th September – 24th October 2020. Jealous North, 27 Park Road, London, N8 8TE. The second leg of the exhibition at Jealous East will feature a rated-18 word machine for an adult-friendly version of the show. Running from 11-28th November.