One Man's Trash
Viewing room

One Man's Trash

Dave Buonaguidi

Jealous East

08 Jun 2017 — 02 Jul 2017

‘One Man’s Trash’ is the result of Dave Buonaguidi’s inherent desire to create, with the challenge of printing onto almost anything. Sourcing the most unusual materials, including school biology posters, Beano comics, flags and lighters, he emblazons them with his stylised and instantly recognisable font, re-appropriating images and objects from mainstream and using his bold phrases to frame them in a new context.

A pop-culture quote, a witty phrase or a heartwarming message (see: I Fucking Love This Place), Buonaguidi feeds his need to create by screenprinting onto the most difficult surfaces, recreating the objects into something else entirely and producing prints unprecedented in their scale and ambition. The work manifests as a monument of our times or times past, making us look at the objects again, reassessing their worth and reevaluating their usefulness. A mindful nod to lighter times, the playful naiveness of the Beano comics, the ladybird pages, the harmless smut, the historic and reminiscent brought into the modern world.

The works in the exhibition will be a myriad of Buonaguidi’s collections and will be displayed as a house of curio, a delve into the past, updated with bold neon pink text overlays and a dash of wit.