#notquitedisney Curated by Magda Archer
Viewing room

#notquitedisney Curated by Magda Archer

Group Show

Jealous East

27 Jun 2024 — 13 Jul 2024

Jealous is excited to present our newest group exhibition #notquitedisney, an extravaganza of off-brand Disney tributes, lovingly curated by Magda Archer.

This exhibition showcases a fantastic selection of works from Adam Bridgland, Adam Dant, Amelia Galliford, Bench Allen, Ceal Warnants, Charlotte Grocutt, Colin Barnes, Dave Buonaguidi, David Shrigley, Euan Roberts, Hannah Dickens, Harry Hill,Harry Pye, Haus Of Lucy, Heath Kane, Humphrey Ocean, Jake Royal, Jake Tilson, Jess Wilson, Jessie Cave, Joe Lycett, Joe Webb, Joss Fenn, Kid Acne, K Young, Louise Colbourne, Lucy Sparrow, Magda Archer, Mark Denton, Mark Pawson, Michael Leigh, Michelle Thompson, Modern Toss, Paul Burgess, Paul Slater, Peter Quinnell, Phill Jupitus, Rob Ryan, Russell Marshall, Samuel Coleman, Sam Mckechnie, Sarah Maple, Shuby, Tom Adams, William Kingett and Winnie Hall.
According to Plato, all artistic creation is an act of mimesis, or re-presentation. From still-life to selfies, is it not the role of an apprentice to imitate a master - be that nature, God, or the biggest animation studio in history? Walt Disney’s oeuvre remains a draw for budding artists of all ages, from crayon chewing kiddies to art school rebels, albeit with a reputation for fierce protection of copyright - going so far as to sue children’s nurseries for painting unapproved murals. - Excerpt from text by Bren O’Callaghan
In the words of the prophet, “Oh Mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind”, Toni Basil, Mickey (1981).”
Text by Bren O’Callaghan
Yet bootleg and off-brand Disney is deeply entrenched in our cultural landscape - evident in the fleets of ice-cream vans illustrated with beloved, but not-quiteright characters, kebab shops endorsed by Aladdin, or Lilo & Stitch beach towels at the outdoor market. These ain’t big business counterfeiters, but draw upon a shared lexicon of visual identifiers that evade sole ownership - innocence, nostalgia, Americana, a universal childhood and painkilling fantasy. - Excerpt from text by Bren O’Callaghan

Adam Bridgland - Goofy

Adam Dant - Your Entertainments Have Been Analysed Beyond Your Comprehension

Amelia Galliford - Untitled 2

Bench Allen - S'no White

Ceal Warnants - Dismay (Cel)

Charlotte Grocutt - A Moment To Myself

Colin Barnes - Visible / Invisible Orange

Dave Buonaguidi - Pink Minnie

David Shrigley - Budgerigar Says Fuck You All

David Shrigley - I Ate Many Biscuits

Euan Roberts - We Were Here First

Hannah Dickens - Alright Princess

Harry Hill - Andre The Giant As Mickey

Harry Pye - Thank You For Being a Friend

Haus of Lucy

Heath Kane - Smash Capitalism

Humphrey Ocean - Mickey From Memory

K Young - 'Who’s There?’ #6

Jake Royal - Deux Yeux See What I See

Jake Tilson - Angel Christ Wall Plate, NYC, 1989

Jess Wilson - I Love You – Mickey Mouse

Jessie Cave - Crooked Castle

Joe Lycett - Body Goals

Joe Webb - Art School

Joss Fenn - You! 2

Kid Acne - Maleficent

Louise Colbourne - Ever After

Lucy Sparrow - Esmerelda Gypsy Queen

Magda Archer - Mickey

Mark Denton - Sinner Ella

Mark Pawson - Space Cadet Piglet (Red)

Michael Leigh - Early 3-D TV

Michelle Thompson - Double Dismay

Modern Toss - Cheese Factory

Paul Burgess - Let’s Make It All Better

Paul Slater - Piltdown Kid

Peter Quinnell - SHOWDOWN

Phill Jupitus - Asterix et les Situationniste

Rob Ryan - I Don’t Have A Name

Russell Marshall - Mouse Arrest Magenta

Sam Coleman - Playing with Minnie

Sam Mckechnie - Raindrops

Sarah Maple - Snow White and The Scientist

Shuby - Baloo

Tom Adams - Untitled

William Kingett - Life Lived Through Favours

Winnie Hall - Always Building Castles in The Sky

#notquitedisney treads the same path of those homemade, hedgehog cake abominations; created with the best of intentions and perfectly edible, but somehow off-target: populating an Island of Dr Moreau with animal-humanoid rejects. It’s the M&S vs ALDI caterpillar cake bust-up, and we claim religious freedom to worship at the altar of the mouse by affectionately copying and colouring in. - Excerpt from text by Bren O’Callaghan