Notice The Small Things
Viewing room

Notice The Small Things

Group Exhibition

Jealous East

19 Sep 2019 — 29 Sep 2019

Notice the Small Things brings together an eclectic mix of artists for an exhibition dedicated to the art of the miniature.

With over 20 contemporary artists spanning two and three dimensions, across a range of disciplines, the exhibition encourages visitors to slow down and take their time to engage with the intricate details of the multidisciplinary works.
Miniature art dates back to the medieval ages, yet became widely popular in 16th Century onwards for capturing portraits as keepsakes or mementoes. The most often-used definition of a miniature is something which case be held in the palm of the hand and, as portable objects, they were an apt accessory for remembering loved ones. The small intimacy of the portraits spoke of secretive and passionate love and were at one time a symbol of status.
Referencing a by-gone age, the works presented in Notice the Small Things are meticulous, precise and intimate; with each work measuring no greater than 15 x 15 x 15cm. The miniature works seduce the viewer in for a closer look, to study each brushstoke, every mark made, to appreciate the medium for it’s precision and purpose.
Miniature art is bound to its own past, yet by asking contemporary artists to reflect on its tradition, this exhibition treads a fine line between imposing the reconciliation of tradition and modernity and allowing artists to react to it.
The exhibition includes works by Adam Bridgland, Adam Koukoudakis,Andrew Millar,Ann-Marie James, BAAM, Barnaby Barford, Bench Allen, Ceal Warnants, Clare Price, Danny Augustine, Darci Lenker, Dario Illari, Davide Restifo, Delphine Lebourgeois, Fern Goozee, Golsa Golchini, Glebs Kostenko, Hayden Kays, Ines Fernandez De Cordova, Jessica Albarn, Jess Wilson, Joss Fenn, J.R., Madeleine Lewis, Malarky, Naomi Davis, Pedro Degurros,Phillip Reeves,Quliya Yogarasah, Rob Ryan, Samuel Coleman, Sarah Bridgland, Sophie Pitt, Sholto Douglas, Simone Lia, Tinsel Edwards, Tom Adams, Twinkle Troughton, William Kingett, Zsofia Schweger.