More is More
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More is More

Group Show

Jealous East

11 Apr 2024 — 04 May 2024

Jealous is delighted to announce our exhibition, ‘More Is More’: a showcase of artworks from the existing Jealous collection, presented alongside new editions and original artworks.

Whoever said ‘less is more’ doesn’t know Jealous - when it comes to showing off our artists and their brilliance, we say ‘More is More’! This exhibition is a celebration of innovative printmaking and collaboration, with a hand-picked selection of works across a spectrum of mediums, themes, shapes and sizes. ‘More Is More’ features artworks by an eclectic mix of artists, from Jealous favourites, and new talents alike. Featuring artists include David Shrigley, Corbin Shaw, Kate Gibb, Felix Stochaj, Delphine Le Bourgeois, Sophie Smallhorn and many more.
The exhibition debuts our new release with David Shrigley, ‘Shut Up And Eat Your Fries’, an incredible 21 colour screenprint, which was released a week ahead of the exhibition opening.
(From left to right) Bench Allen, Kate Gibb, William Kingett, Corbin Shaw, Miss Bugs, Sophie Smallhorn, Jacob Taylor, Felix Stochaj

Original Corbin Shaw 'Boy Racer' flag, with Miss Bugs pieces below

From left to right: Shuby, Delphine Le Bourgeious, Chris Levine, Charming Baker

Works by Remi Rough

From the top: Sophie Smallhorn, Jacob Taylor, Felix Stochaj

(From left to right) Remi Rough, Jess Wilson, William Kingett, Shuby, Magda Archer, The Miaz Brothers, Alma Singer, Danny Augustine, Karl Cornwall, Felix Stochaj