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Magda Archer

Jealous East

14 Jun 2023 — 08 Jul 2023

Welcome to the world of Magda Archer!

Jealous is excited to announce the opening of Magda Archer’s solo exhibition, ‘BE POPULAR FOREVER’, at our Shoreditch gallery on display from Wednesday 14th June until Saturday 8th July. The exhibition features rare and previously sold-out prints sourced from the artist’s own personal archive, alongside originals artworks and new print releases to envelop you in a kaleidoscope of colour. This exhibition has it all.
The exhibition showcases Archer’s perfect blend of playful imagery and wry witticism. Expect cute cartoons, inspired by her personal collection of popular paraphernalia, paired with her satirical retro style text that is sure to make you laugh.
Her artwork has gained increased attention from the artworld in the past few years, with the success of her solo exhibition at Karsten Schubert in 2021 and her collaboration with renowned fashion house Marc Jacobs between 2019-2021. The exhibition features her iconic ‘My Life Is Crap’ and ‘I Hate Art’ from this project.
After studying at Ravensbourne College of Art, Chelsea School of Art and the Royal College of Art, Archer developed a recognisable kitsch aesthetic which she uses to document her navigation through the world. Archer’s work functions as a personal diary, nostalgically and humorously recording moments of everyday life, from moments of sheer annoyance to unadulterated joy. It’s Magda’s world and we are all just living in it!