Lockdown Secrets
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Lockdown Secrets

Eleanor Tattersfield

Jealous East

28 Oct 2021 — 07 Nov 2021

Jealous are delighted to announce the opening of ‘Lockdown Secrets’; an extraordinary collection of anonymous postcards sent during lockdown, revealing hilarious, salacious, relatable and sometimes heart-breaking secret confessions.

In the thick of the 2021 coronavirus lockdown, designer and shop owner Eleanor Tattersfield posted a callout on Instagram: ‘I’ll send you a postcard, you send me a secret’. Postcards poured in, some beautifully decorated, some simply handwritten, but each one anonymously sharing a very personal confession. The exhibition Lockdown Secrets is an astonishing record of what happened next, bringing together the best of the postcards Eleanor received. The postcards came from people of all ages and all walks of life, including some celebrities. Prominent themes began to emerge: relationships, sex, masturbation, food, rebellion, loneliness. all human life is here: furtive infidelities, bad behaviour in the local bakery, sneaking off for baths during a busy home-schooling schedule, rediscovered marital bliss, and, occasionally, poignant moments of sadness and despair. As part of the exhibition, the original postcards will be displayed across the gallery walls alongside a beautiful book of the postcards which will be purchasable throughout the exhibition, with each one containing a selection of 3 prints created from the postcards, all for only £100. There will also be a limited editioned jigsaw puzzle created from arguably one of the most iconic postcards out of the bunch!