Mental Hygiene
Viewing room

Mental Hygiene

Kate Gibb

Jealous North

20 Jul 2022 — 21 Aug 2022

Following a hugely successful showing at our Shoreditch Gallery, Jealous North is proud to present Kate Gibb’s captivating solo exhibition, ‘Mental Hygiene’.

This series of work captures the idyllic sensation of a summer paradise, depicting the powerful heat of an island sun and the swaying of palm trees in the L.A. night air. Produced in the Jealous Print Studio, Kate Gibb explores the technical and material possibilities of screenprinting to create truly compelling scenes.
Highly respected Screenprinter, artist and prominent Jealous collaborator Kate Gibb has taken inspiration from tropical imagery for ‘Mental Hygiene’. The aesthetic qualities of a piercing sun ray or movement of palm leaves in the wind are exposed through slightly displaced layers of ink. Using experimental methods of working, these monumental works capture dynamic moments of the most desirable sun-filled destinations.
This body of work produced exclusively for ‘Mental Hygiene’ uses Gibb’s unique method of printing; an instinctive process with the outcome of each layer dictating the next. Harmonising with the wonderfully deep black background these striking combinations of colour produce an energetic quality to the vibrant scenes. The innovative bespoke prints exhibited as part of this exhibition are testament to Gibb’s distinctive artistic style and passion for print making.
‘Mental Hygiene’ will run between 20th July – 21st August Jealous North, 27 Park Road, London, N8 8TE.
“The artworks on show are created from prints of a print of a print - a process led transaction… Akin to a giant rubber stamp, the wide mesh of a textile screen deposits a thick layer of ink that on the first colour took a good while to dry. From then on it absorbed each layer applied disparately, with outcome varying depending on the previous colours and layers. These inherent disparities are everything I love about the process and what makes silkscreen to me, an endlessly fascinating
Kate Gibb, 2022.