Vertical Sprint
Viewing room

Vertical Sprint

Ines Fernandez De Cordova

Jealous East

18 May 2023 — 10 Jun 2023

Jealous is delighted to announce the opening of Ines Fernandez de Cordova’s first ever solo exhibition at our gallery in Shoreditch.

Fernandez' work explores ideas surrounding the relationship between objects and time; investigating how time affects the way we perceive and interpret objects, as well as how objects can serve as representations of the passage of time. In her solo exhibition ‘Vertical Sprint’, the artist delves deeper into this concept, using her sculptures as models to create still lives, constructing subtle narratives through the use of sequence, mark-making, layering and mirroring. The artist’s new body of work possesses a tranquil stillness, contrasted with strong, graphic elements formed through the use of collaged grids and vertical cuts. The artist plays with the different qualities of space, shape and texture that each sculpture offers.
The sculptures featured in her prints are first created by the artist and these are then photographed with the final view to translate these captured images into prints. By creating uncanny scenes with her sculptures, she aims to invite the viewer to analyse their relationships between space and form. Printmaking plays a fundamental role in her practice and through the use of photography the artist has managed to cohesively merge her primary interests in sculpture and printmaking.
In using photopolymer plate printing, Fernandez successfully combines the contemporary element of photography, whilst keeping the richness and traditional feel and intensity of colour created by the intaglio technique, which is essential to her work. This process allows her to experiment with chiaroscuro. Screenprinting is also a preferred technique as it allows her to work on different surfaces. For this exhibition wood was selected as the canvas to provide unique textures naturally.