Viewing room


Maxine Gregson, Jess Wilson, Ally McIntyre

Jealous East

06 Jun 2024 — 22 Jun 2024

Jealous is excited to present our upcoming group exhibition ‘Wanderlust’, a collaboration between three revered Jealous artists: Maxine Gregson, Jess Wilson and Ally McIntyre.

This exhibition unifies the artists’ skilful applications of colour and themes of exploration, whether that be through nature, cartography, utopian landscapes or dreamlike scenes of wildlife. When held next to one another, we are offered the opportunity to view their works from a new perspective.

Each artist has created their body of work by hand through the mediums of print, paint and even joinery. Gregson’s screenprints combine gridded structures with architecture and landscapes to create paradisal scenes of leisure. Wilson’s work spans many mediums and visual languages. Becoming known for her immensely detailed cartographic illustrations, her experience as a professional printmaker has influenced her exploration into other areas of making, such as screenprinting floral silhouettes from exposed foliage. McIntyre works with acrylic and spray paint, skilfully blending the mediums and using a variety of painting techniques on each canvas. Her work delves into cultural perceptions of human and animal relationships, the canon, and the natural world.

This exhibition will showcase existing artworks and editions by each artist, alongside new editions by Maxine Gregson and new furnishings by Jess Wilson.

‘Wanderlust’ will run from Thursday 6th June to Saturday 22nd June at Jealous, 53 Curtain Road, EC2A 3PT.