Girls Girls Girls
Viewing room

Girls Girls Girls

Group Exhibition

Jealous North

17 May 2017 — 18 Jun 2017

This May, Jealous will be showcasing and celebrating some of the finest, and feistiest, female talent from the Jealous roster. Running from 17th May - 18th June 2017, ‘Girls Girls Girls’ group show is exclusive to Jealous North and features an array of screenprinted and original works from each artist, which includes Ceal Warnants, Jess Wilson, Magda Archer, Sadie Hennessy, Sarai Vardi, and Shuby.

Exhibiting a series of multi-disciplinary works, ‘Girls Girls Girls’ will demonstrate the kitsch, subversive, humourous, dark and absurd, as created by a small selection of Jealous female artists, all of whom take a different approach to producing and making art, but have printmaking form a component of their practice. Placed alongside some of our most popular screenprinted editions from Jealous Print Studio, we will also be showing Jess Wilson’s infamously renegade sculptural lightswitch works, Shuby’s cheeky ‘Fuck You Pants’, and Sadie Hennessy’s glass encased ceramic ‘British Humour (Tits)’ among many more witty works.