Cruise Control
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Cruise Control

Bench Allen & Tom Adams

Jealous East

08 Feb 2024 — 02 Mar 2024

We are proud to announce a collaborative exhibition, 'Cruise Control', featuring the works of Jealous artists Tom Adams and Bench Allen.

For the first time ever, Adams and Allen have come together over their joint passion for the joys of vehicles, both in air and on land. With over 20 years of combined printing experience, let them transport you to a world of fast cars, jet setting, and the wonders of transport technology, all presented through a multitude of screenprinting techniques. Featuring a selection of never seen before artworks, as well as re-releases of some of the artists’ most popular editions, with a unique ‘Cruise Control’ twist.
‘Cruise Control’ showcases Adams’ love for automobilia, inspired initially by his father’s impressive collection of vehicles that left a lasting impact on him during his childhood. His passions are translated into a refined body of screenprinted artwork, focusing on the appreciation of vehicle shape, form and clean lines, paired with Adams’ distinctive aesthetic, producing highly enticing artwork
Feast your eyes on Allen’s first ten Avian prints, exhibited together for the very first time since their release, and the unveiling of a brand-new edition to the Avian collection.

Red Head - Tom Adams

Avian I (Cruise Control Edition) - Bench Allen

Autopilot Love (Avian IX) - Bench Allen

Gone Cruising - Tom Adams