The People Fled When The Sun Went Down
Viewing room

The People Fled When The Sun Went Down

Corbin Shaw

Jealous East

21 Sep 2023 — 07 Oct 2023

Jealous presents ‘The People Fled When The Sun Went Down’ as the latest show from Sheffield born artist, Corbin Shaw.

Following the recent exploitation of public figures, such as Huw Edwards and others, by the tabloids; specifically, The Sun newspaper, ‘The People Fled When The Sun Went Down’ is a retaliation against the press, as Shaw uses their own headlines against them in a mission to expose the hypocrisy of the British tabloids.
Re-contextualising headlines and imagery to create thought-provoking pieces that challenge the original print and offer a satirical commentary to further exhibit the sensationalism of the UK press.
Stolen and found copies of The Sun (never purchased or paid for) have been shredded, then recycled by hand to create the paper for the unique prints, which will hang on the walls surrounding the centrepiece of the exhibition; a life-size newsagent kiosk displaying copies of The Sun’s most provocative headlines over the years, displayed alongside the confectionary and cigarettes you’d expect to find on any kiosk, as well as a few extra notable items designed specifically by Shaw.