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Stanley Donwood

Jealous North

30 Jan 2020 — 23 Feb 2020

Jealous are thrilled to give collectors and enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase extremely rare and sought-after Stanley Donwood prints from previously sold out editions. These are taken from a range of exhibitions and projects from throughout his career thus far.

Please join us for the second instalment of 'Arborealis' at Jealous North. The exhibition runs from 29th January - 23rd February 2020 Taking inspiration from the rich stimulus of nature, Arborealis illustrates Stanley Donwood’s fascination with the formation of trees and their dominate power within forests and landscapes. The word Arborealis is a portmanteau of Arboreal, which refers to trees, and Borealis, which comes from Boreas, the god of the north wind. Donwood’s second instalment of his solo exhibition will be an exploration of these majestic flora and will present an incredible body of work dedicated to it.
Stanley Donwood is best known for his longstanding collaborative relationship with Radiohead’s Thom York, helping to form their striking visual identity. His expansive subject matter and evocative, often haunting imagery, has remained influential and relevant throughout the decades. Donwood has exhibited his distinctive works across the globe, created a record label and published numerous books. His most recent publication being ‘There Will Be No Quiet’; released with Thames + Hudson in 2019.
Installation at Jealous North
Stanley Donwood 'The Lamentations of the Minotaur', 2019

Jealous is delighted to offer collectors, fans and enthusiasts a unique opportunity to own a piece of music history. The exhibition will showcase a selection of exceptionally rare and sought-after prints dating back throughout Donwood's career, many of which are taken from previously sold out editions and draw from a range of landmark projects.

Stanley Donwood 'Dazzle', 2014