A Cutters Choice
Viewing room

A Cutters Choice

Danny Augustine

Jealous East

09 Nov 2023 — 25 Nov 2023

Jealous is thrilled to welcome back the extraordinary talent of Danny Augustine with his solo exhibition, ‘A Cutters Choice’.

Never one to be bound by conventions, ‘A Cutters Choice’ by Danny Augustine presents us with an eclectic set of cowboys, Twombly scribbles and his signature print work, unburdened by concerns of about what art, especially contemporary art, is supposed to look like. Instead, the exhibition primarily explores the act of making; ‘The piece is second to the actual feeling of the thing, there is so much more that is left- material and immaterial- than what ends up on the page,’ Augustine explains. This approach makes this exhibition an active one, inviting spectators to wonder what was left on the cutting floor, or perhaps if the pieces are comprised of the ‘scraps’ of other artworks collated into coherence by the artist.
Ultimately, ‘A Cutters Choice’ shines a light on the brutality of the creative process and the burden of autonomous choice.
In this highly anticipated showcase, Augustine displays a diverse and evocative collection of mixed media artworks to captivate and challenge the concept of traditional artistic practice.