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Marco Godoy

Marco is a restless artist, whose practice cannot be pinned down. A cross-disciplinary artist, he makes a range of works spanning from sculpture to sound and video installation.

Marco Godoy explores the relationship between images and ideology. He searches for alternative ways in which to talk about current social and political issues through the use of video, sculpture and performance. Over the last year Godoy's work has focused on how authority is visually constructed by those who exercise power, and the tools that we have to confront it.

This year he will have exhibitions with Hangar, Centro de Investigação artística, Lisbon, Um trabalho um texto, São Paulo and in 2018 he will present his project The Fiction of Power at La Casa Encendida, Madrid, as one of the winners of the award Generaciones 2018. Marco’s work for the prize will be a development of his melted wax head sculptures that formed part of his graduate exhibition at the RCA.

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