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Alexander James Wood

Alexander James Wood is an artist living and working in London. He graduated in 2015 from Camberwell College of Arts with a first class honours in BA Illustration, receiving both It's Nice That and Clyde & Co.'s graduate awards for his screenprinting work.

"The illustrator creates vibrant and richly textural images of domestic interiors and architectural touches, among other things. No detail goes unnoticed; from the label on a stray bottle of wine sitting on a side table, to the neighbours’ furniture which you can just about spot through the window of the apartment opposite." - It's Nice That

"The water that spills onto the kitchen floor, the gun that lies in the packed suitcase, the overturned chair – these clues add to the overall sense of unease that Wood has cultivated in the stark shadows of his screen prints... these individual pieces of work create an engaging narrative, one that evokes suspense and tension, urging the viewer to hunt for clues, to uncover the mystery." - Art Bellyful

Over the past year Alexander has worked on projects for The Jigsaw Trust, The Wellcome Collection and Advice UK.

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